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Start-up, middle, personal and large business organizations require websites inorder to attract potential customers, retain them and communicate to them reguarding your product and services. The KenyaWebs Marketing Advisor Program is an independent sales representative program, We provide marketing tools to help you spread the word about your business. Kenyawebs has created websites for over 100 local businesses in Kenya/ East Africa and is helping over 350 merchants find more customers.

The design and marketing of your web site is critical. Often your website is the first glimpse that potential customers have of your business - that first impression must reflect the strengths and ideals of your company. You don’t have to worry about doing anything –KenyaWebs will do all the work

We design and develop our website for businesses that wanting to use this medium as an integral part of their marketing mix. KenyaWebs has an in-depth understanding of the design, technological and marketing processes required to help companies define their strategy and deliver website solutions that reap the benefits available on the Internet today. Our websites are cheap, eye-catching, fast to download, interactive and achieve the marketing value.

For only 2,000 Kshs a year, you will be able to receive the following marketing services from KenyaWebs: -

Web designs unique to your business

Personal/ business photos, physical location, contact information, postal addresses, telephone, fax e.t.c

Your website will be online 24/7

Free web hosting 

One year online marketing

Trafic generation, your products and services are seen localy (Kenya) and all over the world.

Earn extra income through google, yahoo, and other international advertisment companies


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Nairobi Kenya

We know how busy local businesses are running their day-to-day activities, so we provide a solution that requires minimal effort on their part to get great results.